“Artois Culture Nature” is an association created in 1997, born from the desire of some visionary and committed people from Anzin-Saint-Aubin who wanted to animate and gather around a collective project all social categories of “7 to 77 years”.

After two years of preparation was born in 1999, a first sound and light written by the director Dominique Martens: “Over time, a Chaussée Brunehaut” , which will become in 2002 “Stories and Dreams of Artois “. The show then expanded, expanded and reached a semi-professional level. It took place in 2009 in Immercourt Park in Saint-Laurent-Blangy.

Throughout the year, Artois Culture Nature’s volunteers put all their skills and know-how to work on the wildest challenges such as making thousands of costumes, grand sets, and more authentic accessories. that nature for some, while that, others think about new special effects or train their horses …

With our reputation, which is based on 18 years of experience and the reception of more than 150,000 spectators at its shows, the association carries high the values ​​of share social and generational , skills transfer , social mix , and opening to another.

Secretariat of the association:
Nocturnal Festivities – BP 60006
62055 Saint-Laurent-Blangy Cedex
Such. : 03 21 51 29 61
email: acnspectacle@orange.fr