Association created in 1986, governed by the 1901 law, the FFFSH aims to bring together in the same state of spirit of friendship and efficiency, all French structures, associations or municipalities, organizers or providers of parties or shows historic.

All aim to animate, enhance, promote the historical, architectural and human heritage.

With a powerful internet portal for the general public, the FFFSH thus largely promotes the celebration and historical events members, both in France and abroad through effective SEO.

It was in the year 2000 that the association Artois Culture Nature, through “Histoires et Rêves d’Artois”, joined the FFFSH. Upon entry, ACN was represented on the Board of Directors of the FFFSH.

Since 2002, the FFFSH has offered its members an innovative quality approach to meet the legitimate requirements of the public.

Since then, the Artois Culture Nature association has been answering all the demanding award criteria each year and has benefited from the Quality Label.

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