Arras, the Belfry

You’ll enjoy a wonderful panoramic view of the city and of the surrounding countryside. A lift (+ 40 steps) will take you to the belfry first level to a height of 40 metres. Discover the numerous architectural beauties of the city. You’ll be amazed by the history and stories of that magnificent city, capital of the Artois region. The belfry was listed as a UNESCO world Heritage Site ten years ago and it was elected French People Favourite Monument in September 2015 (France 2 Stephane Bern television programme).

Canadian memorial park and its museum Vimy

The Memorial Park keeps alive the memory of the Canadian troops who fought the Battle of ARRAS. On the first day of the battle April 9th 1917 Vimy Ridge was taken by the Canadians, a feat forever engraved in the Canadian national history. In the memorial Park numerous vestiges (trenches, bomb craters) showing the violence of the fighting are open to the public. Erected at the top of the ridge and overlooking the plain the Monument pays tribute to the Canadian soldiers who died there.

Arras Wellington tunnels

20 metres below ground you’ll get to the heart of History and enter one of the most secret location of military history. You’ll discover a real underground city where more than 20 000 soldiers of the Commonwealth prepared the largest surprise attack of World War 1: the Battle of Arras.

A visit to the “Beaux-Arts” museum, Arras

“The Remembrance ring” at Ablain-Saint-Nazaire

This huge monument which is part of the Notre Dame de Lorette National Military Cemetery is engraved with the names of the 580 000 soldiers who fought during World War 1. For the first time ever, enemies of yesterday have been brought together in alphabetical order.

Saint-Laurent-Blangy Nautical Base

The new nautical base at Saint Laurent Blangy offers numerous water activities : Kayaking, Canoeing, Hydrospeeding, Hot Dog Airboating as well as outdoor activities : Mountain biking, Archery, Orienteering.

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