On September 4 and 5 ,11 and 12,18 and 19 2020 the city of St Laurent Blangy near Arras is going to be resplendent with lights thanks to « Glittering Fragments of History » and its « Sparkling Night Show ».

Fragments of History is the story of the North of France with all its changes and vicissitudes. It’s History with its bursts and outbursts : bursts of laughter, emotional moments awe-inspiring scenes or private ones, thousands of costumes, impressive horsemen, dancers, singers, actors and acrobats.

A real human patchwork,  « Glittering Fragments of History » draws its inspiration from all the territories of our beautiful region Les Hauts de France to tell of its history, its customs trades and skills.

The director Dominique Martens based his new creation on his volunteers’ research work. For more than two years he has worked on that new project which is another challenge for the voluntary workers whose only aim is and always will be to offer spectators magic and enchantment.


Imagine strolling along a poetical landscape offering you surprises and offbeat moments, a landscape telling you of Arras and the North of France by bringing to life the great events that have marked its history by evoking warrior achievements, great celebrations as well as everyday life.

A total show, well paced and full of contrasts with an intense, original music, brand new and ingenious light effects, impressive water fountains and videos on a giant screen.

Set in a beautiful landscape, the Sparkling Show will sweep up spectators away in a whirlwind of emotions.